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What others are saying about our books:
Carla Nellis (WSU '90) and her water-color artists have done a marvelous and often poetic job with her new book, "WSU Cougars from A to Z." Her work provides a short-course in Cougar history, including many facts, photos, and expressive poems framed within the 26 letters of the alphabet. This book is a must read for Cougars young and old, as well as future Cougars.
  ~C.James Quann
  WSU Registrar Emeritus 
  and Coordinator Veteran's Research
"UW Huskies from A to Z is an entertaining and informative book on the history of the university's past. This book appeals to all ages, and is a great and easy way to relive the stories of the university."
~Dave Torrell 
Husky Hall of Fame Curator
EVERY teacher should own the A-Z Green Beanie Series!! Super popular with students of all ages!I bought this book at a local event and placed it in my elementary classroom library. It is always one of the most popular books for my kids to read. With new CCSS standards placing a stronger emphasis on non-fiction, I love having a unique book like this on the shelf. The research is solid and the text features are phenomenal! 
-Amazon Customer
Don't be fooled into thinking that an A to Z format book is just for preschoolers, this book is great for all ages! My 2yo loves to thumb through to look for Harry the Husky, my 5yo beginning reader loves to read the page titles and my 7yo is digging out all the fun facts to share at the dinner table. And of course, as an alum it takes me back to my days on the Quad. A must-have for any Husky alum or future Dawg!
-Hillary C.
This book not only teaches the alphabet but it also teaches about Washington State University’s history and how things came to be. This is an informational alphabet book. This book I would definitely use in my classroom.
-Ashley K.